Looking Forward

What Rise Prep is doing post summer program

Thank you to all who filled out a summer program survey. We praise God for the overwhelming positive reviews. They keep us motivated as we work for the fall.

We’re proud to announce that Rise Prep will be at 1224 Fairfax Ave, near the Bayview Plaza for the 2017-18 year. Since the school is being incubated by Redeemer Community Church, it is a blessing to be housed together.  It’s also a double blessing to be co-located with Dayspring Technologies as well, who will be supporting us with technology volunteers. (Check out how they taught programming in the summer program!) 

Getting ready for school tours. This fall we’re busy expanding our mobile computer lab and adding fun tools to our makers lab.  We’re building up our classroom library and wall art. We’ve also got a donation of a ping pong table coming soon. By our first school tour in October, we’ll have some walls painted in cheery colors, the furniture and equipment needed for a successful school, and the curriculum plans for successful scholars! Won’t you come by and visit one of our tours?

Executing our fundraising plan. We’re having a great time connecting back up with friends who have always shown deep interest in this undertaking. We praise God for all the partners who have prayed for us so earnestly, donated goods and services, and generously invested financially in our school. Special shout out to the Faithful Servants Foundation for their very generous grant that will cover 10% of our first year’s budget! And a big shout out to Dayspring Studio for this beautiful website! 

Researching space. This fall we’re also busy looking into securing more long term space beyond the 2017-18 year. We’ve got some leads that we’re exploring for an approximately 4,500-5,000 square foot place that will fit our expanding school community for a few years. Please pray that God provides the right space for us!

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