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A note from our principal

Ms. Chien brings history to life with the help of an ancient artifact at the Legion of Honor

Ms. Chien brings history to life with the help of an ancient artifact at the Legion of Honor

What matters most for human flourishing? To be known and loved. That’s what students experience at Rise Prep.

I’m privileged to be part of a whole village surrounding these young people with attentive love so that they might flourish-- tutors, sponsors, coaches, neighbors, business partners, community leaders and pastors-- so many people who are committed to the common good of this neighborhood and hopes for our future. And most importantly, I’m proud of our teachers who care deeply about our children in all their complexity, and who push them to think better, to be better.

I love the middle school age, a unique time when a young person is growing up quickly. They’re learning to think abstractly, handle complex emotions, grow in responsibility, acquire new physical strength, and develop sound judgment. And they need so much safety, support and love as they do all this growing, and as they discover a larger, God-blessed world and their place in it.  

Rise Prep cares deeply about addressing inequities and systemic injustice that harm our children, but at the end of the day, it’s all about focusing on each child, created in the image of God to be amazing and beautiful-- to reason, create, serve, lead.

Thank you for joining this venture that ALL God’s children might thrive


Juliette Chien

Head of School




At Rise Prep, students are guided by experienced, passionate teachers who view their work as a calling, not a job. With many of our faculty living in the Bayview neighborhood, we are deeply invested in our community and its future.


Community Team


The Community Team is a vital part of our school. Some volunteers directly engage students as tutors or curriculum leads; others provide operational support to help keep our school running. Our students enter Rise Prep each school day knowing that there are scores of people ready to offer guidance, encouragement, and hope. They say it takes a village—this is ours.


If you’d like to volunteer your talent and time, visit our support page.

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