Introducing Mr. Ghana!


“Do you really love math?!”

As a math teacher, I get this question a lot. Of course the answer is “yes”, but in earnest, I like it because of what it can do.

For thousands of years, math has been a foundation to advance society to the modern era. Without mathematics, the common provisions and conveniences we experience everyday would not be possible. Not only this, but the great thing about math is that even if you do not understand how something works, you can still enjoy the fruit of another person's labor. Unfortunately, I believe that with so much advancement in technology we tend to no longer appreciate the math foundational to the work. Rarely do we praise the mathematicians who made leaps and bounds in the study to progress our society. I’ll get off my soapbox now and come back to what’s important… 

For me, math has been a way to connect with people. In my junior year at university, I realized that it is a gift to have learned from great math teachers. I also realized that I genuinely enjoy seeing other people make breakthroughs in their knowledge and understanding in this subject. These realizations brought me to a point where I was open to the calling of becoming a teacher. For the past eight years, I have worked alongside students of different backgrounds, attitudes, and abilities. Through these seasons, I have seen that mathematics, although difficult in many ways, can be enjoyed by all when they understand what they are doing. And beyond that, this subject of mathematics can be a connecting point to invest in and develop students in a holistic manner.

Additionally, teaching math has brought me to different parts of the world. My wife and I have been in Ghana, West Africa for the past year and a half teaching at an international school. We have learned so much and enjoyed the opportunity to invest in students from all over the world. Math has broken down cultural barriers and connected me to people I never thought I would have the privilege of meeting and learning from.

Now, we are looking forward to our time back in the Bay Area, particularly because of the opportunity to work with the community of Rise Prep. I believe wholeheartedly in the mission and vision of the school. I believe that God is raising up this school so we can all be a part of something good. This school has the opportunity to have great kingdom impact, not only in the students who attend, but the families and community as a whole. I am humbled to be a part of this excellent ministry and I am excited to be stretched to do the Lord’s will in a new season for us all.

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