Summer Program Celebration Dinner

What an incredible two weeks. Last Friday, we gathered at the end of Rise Prep's inaugural summer program to celebrate, give thanks, and look ahead.

Looking back. Looking forward.

We gathered with a group of more than 70: scholars, parents, grandparents, volunteers, faculty, and community members. Mrs. Chien and Mr. Boyd shared about the two-week program and spoke about the plans for the Fall 2017 school year, when Rise Prep will welcome its inaugural cohort of 6th grade scholars.


We're grateful for the parents, grandparents, and friends of the family who do the hard work at home of inspiring curiosity and supporting learning and who showed up to support their scholars and see what they had accomplished.

We're grateful for our volunteers. All the folks who made lunch, gave rides, prepared lessons, tutored one-on-one, and generally made the program a success. And did it all with joy.

We're grateful for Simply Delish, a Bayview neighborhood restaurant, which supplied the delicious food for our celebration. Yum!

And we're grateful to the Lord who provides so abundantly for us and strengthens us for "every good work and word."

Good work.

And, of course, there was the highlight of the evening--showcases for each of the three elective tracks. Students reprised epic catapult battles of the Middle Ages, demonstrated the results of their coding work, and hosted the world premiere of their animated Skittle shorts.

And, now, onward.