A Letter To My 7 Year Older Self: Luis

Dear Luis,


Good job getting to senior year, Luis. You may be went through hard things, but you made it.

I wonder how much stress you had with all those essays in history and English classes. That must have been a nightmare, but you did it, and now you have to go to college to get a career. I think by that time, you must have better grammar than me, and you must be like “Wow, I had bad grammar back then.”

Hope you get to college and become a computer engineer and make games with David. You should really make a sandbox game kinda like Garry’s Mod but way more entertaining and more cartoony. Like the characters should be derpy and funny looking and so will the map. It should be with all these funny characters roaming around. Oh and adding Ragdoll will make it ten times better. There should also be some mini-games in there like Ragdoll Fight or King of the Hill and you use bread launchers. You should also implement some other weapons too like the carrot sniper and a pizza crossbow that shoots pepperonis. Man, so many ideas I have that I hope you and David make a game like that. Although, will David want to do that? I hope so cause those are some pretty good ideas. Oh and talking about games, remember we used to play Fortnite, ohhh yea Orange Justice :D  

Times really went by that quickly that you might not remember the things you did here in 6th grade like the marble maze, seismic building that you built with David, the time we took out parts of some computers, and when you planted only onions in the garden. Hey remember that time you went to Stanford, dang that was a cool trip. OH and that church, DUDE that was just beautiful church I’ve ever seen, remember? Also, how do the teachers look in the future? And how tall are you?  And are there new teachers in the school? Was high school hard?

Actually, do you still like onions? I hope so. Cause the love of onions that I have is big. Oh remember those times when I would always want onions in my burgers when I went to In-n-Out and mom would always take her onions out, and you would say “Mom give me your onions from your burger if you don't eat them.” Although most of the times she would take the onions out without you asking, which was good.

Also I want to shout out to Alejandro for being a great friend this year in 6th grade, and David :)

Sincerely -Luis S. From 2018 :)