A Letter To My 7 Year Older Self: Keiara

Dear Keiara,


I hope that during your time at Rise Prep you’ve grown as a person, kept all your grades above a B-, and that you’ve been kind to everyone you’ve met, you've worked on controlling your anger and are better at soccer and basketball. The main dreams I have for you are that you are a successful, kind, appreciative young adult who fights for what she believes in. I hope that you apply and get accepted to all the colleges you wanted to go to about 7 years ago, such as Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and so on.

Some memories from your first year at Rise I don’t want you to forget are going to outdoor ed, the “ I don’t want to go to the beach” quote, the “forgetful david” quote, to always smile, dragonboat racing, Marley who died in 2016, and Milo who you got in 2017. Some other things I want you to remember this year are all your friends such as Cintli, Lily, Dulce, Camila, Mariah, Luz, Silvia, Kendall, Grace, Miracle and Lakayla.

Some health goals I have for you is to start going to the gym if you don’t already, do daily runs around a park, eat healthy, and last but not least, get more than eight hours of sleep. When it comes to pets, I hope you have a cute little puppy who you bring to the dog park twice a week and play with whenever you are free.

I hope that some of your favorite childhood shows such as Walking DeadThe 100Fuller House, and Supernatural still air and that you continue to watch them. If you decide to marry/date, I hope the guy is funny, kind, helpful, smart, a good cook, family oriented, honest, faithful, brave and that your parents like him. When it comes to shopping, I hope your taste in shoes is still good and that you still like Jordans, high tops, boots and wedges. As for clothes, I hope you have great taste in them. Some of the predictions I have for the future are cars that drive themselves, tons of virtual reality games, and a bunch of new gaming consoles. All in all I’m pretty sure that no matter what, you're a great person, and I’m super proud of the young woman you have become.  I hope you enjoy your amazing awesome life.

Sincerely, Keiara