Past Present Future

by David Carter

Once when I went to my grandma's and grandpa’s house in the third grade, my dad and my grandpa were talking about old computers and how you had to type ones and zeros to do almost anything on a computer. I really got intrigued in coding and how lots of math helps with coding.

Whenever I open a coding program, I get excited to design something that I will have fun using and other people will have fun using. It makes me happy and proud. It brought me to the conclusion that I want to make more people happy by making video games. Not only do I want to make video games, I also want to create websites for businesses, work, and everyday life. For example, I would love to help Google produce even better self-driving cars and phones which you could holographically see and use through your mind.

I currently spend many hours practicing code in a video game that will be a sandbox/adventure game in which you are a stickman and learn all the parkour skills to get faster and faster at completing your chosen levels.  Eventually there might be a level editor. The more you play, the harder the levels get. It will be a big project that might take me years, but the more code I do, the better and faster I will get at coding which will make me very happy and satisfied, as I dream forward, into my future.