Why I donate to Rise Prep


by Heather Reid Kwok 

There are three reasons we felt compelled to give to Rise Prep: 

1)  Rise Prep is actively working to bring about justice in the area of inequity in education.  In the midst of observing the inequity first hand in my school district and wondering what I could do about it, I heard about Rise Prep and thought, "Yes!"  It is only through significant investment of human, financial and spiritual resources that the tide will turn. We believe that Rise Prep is making that kind of investment in the students and families, and we wanted our financial gift to partake in this larger work of God's kingdom coming on earth. 

2)  We personally feel encouraged to keep pursuing God's kingdom in our own lives as we watch the staff of Rise Prep model for us what it means to give oneself to the work of God's kingdom.  Being in mid-life, we feel the pull towards personal comfort, inward focus on our family and our needs, and the lull of the American success story.  Rise Prep's staff and vision reminds us what is truly important to us and to keep pursuing those values that are contradictory to the forces pulling us towards another path. 

3)  The Rise staff and their families are taking a significant faith step to open Rise Prep.  We wanted to give as a way to say that we fully affirm their choices, acknowledge the sacrifices and stand with them as they begin a new venture.  We are excited to see how God transforms individual lives, families and an entire community through Rise Prep. 

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