Showcase: Media Production

The Media Production track was led by Mrs. Chien and Danny Fong, pastor of Redeemer--and full-time digital geek. Over the course of the week-long track, scholars got the chance to create their own stop-motion animation.

From Idea to Screen

Scholars learned the basics by first creating a paper-and-pencil flipbook animation, getting a feel for how many frames need to be painstakingly arranged for even a simple sequence.

From there, they worked on the storyboard for their own Skittles animation, establishing a narrative arc and planning ahead for how to most effectively tell the story. They paired up for production--one scholar directing and the other scholar doing the camerawork. Post-production--editing, titles, and, of course, backing soundtracks--was done in iMovie.


All of the videos premiered in the Fairfax Theater (a converted classroom) at the end-of-summer banquet celebration with parents, grandparents, faculty and assorted other paparazzi in attendance. Next year we'll serve popcorn!

And that's a wrap.