Showcase: Engineering Track

As one of three tracks in this summer's program, the engineering track was capably led by the fabulous Roy Wong, an engineer previously at Genentech and Bechtel.

Over the course of 4 days, our scholars first learned basic scientific principles and then put them in action.

Action. Reaction. Indy 500.

Learning about Newton's Laws of Motion prepared them to make motive machines--balloon-powered water bottle cars!

Following the engineering process of design, implement, measure and modify, they tweaked their cars through multiple timed test runs culminating in an in-house Indy 500 complete with a checkered flag finish line and a race leaderboard.

Back to the Middle Ages...

Project two started with learning about the various classes of levers. The students then put that knowledge in action by building a trebuchet--a whirling, counterweight-driven catapult.

Line them all up on one side of the room with rubber balls for stones and a wall of paper cups as a target. Keep track of direct hits and try to take down the local petty baron (actually, Joshua, a high school volunteer staff) ensconced in his formidable castle!

Spoiler: he lost.

showcaseDaniel Kim