It takes love and attention. Everyone is created to be amazing. Everyone can rise.

Middle school is a unique time when a young person is growing up quickly. They’re learning to think abstractly, handle complex emotions, grow in responsibility, acquire new physical strength, and develop sound judgment. And they need so much safety, support and love as they do all this growing, and as they discover a larger, God-blessed world and their place in it.

Excellent Standards

Rise Prep enfolds its students with extensive support and high academic standards. Our challenging classes ensure that middle school students are prepared for a rigorous high school and beyond.

With hands-on experiments and projects, we emphasize critical thinking, curiosity, and discovery through excellent humanities, math, science, and technology courses. 

Small class sizes mean attention is given to each young person's skill development, interests, and learning styles. 

The 9-5pm school day ensures scholars not only have time for extracurriculars, but also time with homework tutors who can focus on individual needs and extension activities. 

Extensive Personal Support

Jesus took the child by the hand and said, ‘My child, RISE!’ And at once she stood up.
— Luke 8

Our school culture and academics are infused with a Christian worldview and values. Our class meetings develop a culture of hope, compassion, wonder, perseverance, and respect for diversity.

Other support strategies for the student include daily homework help, enrichment, online learning, and study skill workshops. Mentoring is built into the extended day with the help of members and leaders in the community.

And finally, we believe partnership with families is key, and home visits are a part of building a strong network of support and understanding. We also ask families to stay involved, to volunteer or visit, and of course, to always be the loudest cheerleaders for our scholars. 

Typical Middle School 9 - 5 School Day
9:00amCommunity Huddle, Breakfast
12:30pmSocial Studies
1:25pmLanguage Arts
2:20pmElective: STEAM: Makers' Lab/Art
3:15pmSustained Silent Reading and Snacks
3:45pmHomework Lab
4:45pmCommunity Debriefing

Teaching is not transactional, it is relational. Learning is not mechanical, it is humanizing. Teachers are not sorcerers who mesmerize. They are loving guides who, serving the interests of both parent and student, invite students to see the beauty of the world, to grow in understanding its subtlety and complexity, and to know what is true about it—physical and metaphysical. All of this assumes an understanding of mankind as created in the image of a loving, reasonable, righteous, generous God.” – Jeff Boyd

“All of us, as humans, were created with a need to belong, to be loved, and to be really proud of our good work. This is what the classroom is about; we put in our hard work and we pull together to realize more of who we were meant to be and to make something beautiful in ourselves and in the world. That good work is joy.” – Juliette Chien